The Chief End of Philosophy

For me, any value or purpose in philosophy is that which endeavors to answer questions about God. This does not mean that such discussions are limited only to the nature and existence of God, but that they must include—whatever their focus—what God has to do with things. Even if the discussion’s purpose is to explainContinue reading “The Chief End of Philosophy”

The Modern “Turn to the Subject”: An Ongoing Study – scottythinks

This article represents an ongoing study for me and will be updated from time to time. Western culture is yet awash in a detrimental subjectivism which stems from the impact of the modern turn to t… Source: The Modern “Turn to the Subject”: An Ongoing Study – scottythinks

Man in Particular

Gotthold Ephraim Lessing suggested there are two approaches to the study of man. Either one considers man in particular or in general. Of the first approach one can hardly say it is the noblest pursuit of man. What is it to know man in particular? It is to know fools and scoundrels . . .Continue reading “Man in Particular”

Dialogue with Charles Taylor’s A SECULAR AGE

A Secular Age. By Charles Taylor. Cambridge, Mass.: The Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 2007, x-873 pp., $48/Hardcover/Amazon Reading Taylor Taylor’s work must be read within the framework of a question he will not pose until the very first sentence of Chapter 1: Why was it virtually impossible not to believe in God in,Continue reading “Dialogue with Charles Taylor’s A SECULAR AGE”

Descartes and Design

In his arrival at what he called “the first principle of the Philosophy for which I was seeking,” Descartes famous “I think, therefore I am,” demonstrates the validity of the idea of design. That is, where we find design, we assume thought, and where there is thought, there is an existent being. Here is theContinue reading “Descartes and Design”

Philosophical Theology: Why it Matters

What it is . . . Let me first give a simple working definition of philosophical theology. If philosophy is an attempt at a rational interpretation of reality, and if theology is the study of God, then philosophical theology is an attempt to arrive at rational conclusions concerning the question of God. It is theContinue reading “Philosophical Theology: Why it Matters”